Outdoor exposure, pollution, resins, mildew, saltiness or whatever can affect your awningcan be forgotten with one quick wipe. IRISUN APCO CARE & CLEANING is a wide, powerful, efficient, technologically tested and complete range of products that offers an immediate result improving the durability of the fabric and renewing the appearance of the awning.

 Clean the exposed surface every 3 or 4 months;
• Rub the internal side with a soft sponge soaked with water and cleaner;
• Use an absorbent cloth to remove traces of oil or grease;
• After each washing rinse the awning with water;
• Avoid any contact with solvents, ammonia or any product containing these chemicals;
• Extend the life of your awning by protecting it from effects of saltiness, pollution, resins and mildews. The specific products IRISUN® APCO help maintaining the original features of the fabric and its natural elasticity.

APCO FAST CLEANER and APCO INTENSE CLEANER are in compliance with the biodegradability criteria based on the EC regulation (no. 648/2004) about cleaners. APCO CARE & CLEANING Protectants are biodegradable. Please follow the instructions for use and cautions indicated on the bottle, especially for daily and professional use. Safety data sheets for each IRISUN APCO CARE & CLEANING product are available upon request. All APCO CARE & CLEANING products are Reach-compliant.














Liquid detergent.

IRISUN  APCO FAST CLEANER  is a ready-to-use neutral and delicate liquid detergent. Ideal for cleaning and maintenance of sun awnings and synthetic acrylic fabrics.

Wet the surface and apply the cleaner. Let it soak in for some minutes and rub (if possible and needed) with a soft brush or cloth before it dries. Rinse manually or with a pressure water jet cleaner (cold water and low pressure). Repeat the operation if necessary. The average consumption is approximately  25-30 ml/m2 depending on the fabric and degree of dirt.

Spray no-gas: 0.75 l (ca. 25/30 m²)
Tank: 5 l (ca. 166/200 m²)













Water-repellent, protective solution.

IRISUN APCO PROTECTANT restores the oil and water-repellent properties of the acrylic fabric, and prevents new fabrics from wearing out, if applied periodically. It protects against oil, water and other substances. Additionally, the solution is mildew-proof, contains UV inhibitors as well as fluoropolymers protecting the fabric against wearout while maintaining colours bright and improving water repellency.

Ready to use liquid. Spray Irisun Apco Fast Cleaner from a distance of 15 cm onto clean and dry fabric. Apply evenly without exceeding. In case of old or worn out fabrics, it is advisable to apply two layers of Irisun Apco Protectant. The average consumption is approximately 60 ml/m2 depending on the fabric and degree of dirt.

Spray no-gas: 0.75 l (ca. 12 m²)
Tank: 5 l (ca. 83 m²).